Balkanu – Cape York Development Corporation P/L

TEXT ON SCREEN: Balkanu Healthier Happier Workplaces: Strong Mind, Strong Body.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Balkanu walking group [DESCRIPTION] shows a group of smiling women in gym clothes wearing ‘Strong Mind, Strong Body’ t-shirts.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Program launch [DESCRIPTION] shows a smiling woman in a room full of branded t-shirts. She’s holding one up that says ‘Balkanu: Heathier Happier Workplaces Program’

SPEAKER 1: ‘I think the wellbeing program is absolutely fantastic. It’s really helping me to continue with my fitness and working on that, and also better eating, healthier eating. Making better choices.’

TEXT ON SCREEN: Exercise classes [DESCRIPTION] shows a group of women exercising.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Healthy Catering – BBQ Hope Vale QLD [DESCRIPTION] shows two men and a woman cooking vegetable skewers on a bbq.

SPEAKER 2: ‘The wellbeing program at Balkanu has been fantastic for me, I’ve learned a lot through the workshops, and the cooking demonstrations. And I’ve actually lost over 50kg in the last year and a half’

TEXT ON SCREEN: Wellness workshops [DESCRIPTION] shows a table set up with many educational documents and tools for discussing nutrition and wellness.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Cooking demonstrations [DESCRIPTION] a group of men and women who are cooking a healthy meal together

TEXT ON SCREEN: A wellbeing program for creating positive change [DESCRIPTION] a sunset over the ocean

Please note: this initiative was previously known as Workplaces for Wellness. For a short period, many resources will still refer to Workplaces for Wellness.