Stand up for employee health

Desk-bound workers should stand up for at least two hours a day to improve their health and wellbeing, according to a British study.

The results of the study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, suggest that workers should stand and do light walking for at least two hours a day.

This total can be built up gradually throughout the working day rather than all in one go.

Ideally, according to the report, standing/light walking should then be increased to four hours per day.

Research shows that sustained sitting can greatly increase the risk of chronic disease, such as heart disease and diabetes, and premature death.

The report also highlights that workers should move around more frequently because even “prolonged static standing” can be as harmful as sitting for long periods.

The report recommends the use of stand-up desks and standing breaks to promote standing and physical activity during the working day.

It notes that Australian studies found the promotion of sit-stand desks and standing breaks improved both worker health and productivity.

For ideas on increasing physical activity among your staff, see the 10,0000 Steps Challenge and ideas for action – physical activity (please log in to see this information).


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