Chief Executive Officers of leading organisations are often asked what makes them successful. Increasingly, the answer is ‘our employees’.

As an employer, you rely on people to keep your business running—so you need employees to be healthy, happy and productive.

Workplace wellness program benefits include:

  • greater productivity
  • reductions in work related ill-health and injuries
  • lower workers compensation costs
  • a decrease in absenteeism and staff turnover
  • improving employee relations
  • a healthier work environment
  • enhancing your corporate image.

Workplace wellness programs benefit employers and employees especially when integrated with a work health and safety program.

A healthier workplace means everyone wins.

Broadening successful workplace health and safety management systems to include the promotion of worker health is a priority in order to achieve these positive outcomes. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland provides specific information on integrating health, safety and wellbeing into organisational systems for specific high risk industries.

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Please note: this initiative was previously known as Workplaces for Wellness. For a short period, many resources will still refer to Workplaces for Wellness.