Bronze recognition guide

Healthier. Happier. Workplaces recognition is awarded for best practice workplace health and wellbeing. The Bronze recognition level acknowledges organisations that demonstrate a strong commitment to workplace health and wellbeing. Organisations that are in the early days of their workplace health and wellbeing program and are discovering the program’s short-term benefits can apply for this recognition level.

Regardless of the size of your organisation, you will be eligible for the recognition provided your health and wellbeing program has been running for at least 6 months. To establish whether your program is meeting best practices, we assess it against the criteria set out in the 5-steps to a Healthier. Happier. Workplace. The 5-steps to workplace health and wellbeing for Bronze is a broad framework designed to assess entry-level workplace health and wellbeing programs and recognises yours is a budding program.


Become a Bronze Healthier. Happier. Workplace today

Achieving a Bronze is easy. The application is best completed by your workplace health and wellbeing representative who is driving the program. The assessment itself takes around 10 minutes and requires you to complete a short closed-ended questionnaire that assesses how closely your program aligns with the 5-steps to a Healthier. Happier. Workplace. At the end of the application, you are required to submit a short success story (less than 500 words) outlining the short-term benefits and results achieved from the program. You have the option to upload your company logo and a photo to go up on our recognition wall.


What you get in return

Successful workplaces receive an official recognition certificate and recognition logo to showcase in your promotional materials.

If you’re not sure what recognition level to apply for, see our Recognition guide.


Criteria and examples

Every organisation is different. Small organisations have a criteria set slightly different from medium and large organisations. The best way to check whether you qualify, therefore, is to check the recognition guide or begin the assessment. Before you do that however you will find it useful to run through some examples of how different Bronze-level organisations meet the 5-steps to workplace health and wellbeing criteria.


If you have any questions on recognition, feel free to email us.