Criteria for Step 2

Step 2. Wellness planning

Planning helps you to organise and gain employee and management involvement. It also allows you to consider if you need to engage professional assistance, such as an external wellness provider.

Your workplace has a wellness program planning process. This includes the following elements:

  1. To guide and lead your program, your workplace has a wellness committee or wellness representatives. The committee also helps involve employees and give them ownership. If you’re a small workplace, you may not need a committee. However, you have at least 1 wellness representative to drive the program.
  2. Your workplace has allocated people resources, with approved time for committee (or representatives) to meet. You may also have an allocated program budget.

Wellness champions help drive your wellness program. These champions inspire and motivate employee involvement in your program.


  • Small and medium sized workplaces—your manager acts as a wellness champion and works with employees who are appointed as wellness representatives, to coordinate the program. The wellness program is a regular agenda item at team meetings for employees to discuss ideas, allocate time to progress activities and provide feedback.
  • Large workplaces—you’ve held an information session to attract committee members and wellness champions from all participating worksites and business units.

See Criteria for Step 3. Needs assessment