Gold Recognition Checklist

If you are applying for Gold recognition, use the checklist below to ensure your application is complete.

Step 1. Management commitment

  • Integration of the workplace wellness program into key organisational goals, strategic policies and operational plans.
  • Your wellness program has been operating continuously for at least 2 years.
  • Senior management supports flexible work options for employees to participate in the program during work hours.
  • Developed a workplace wellness statement/ policy and provided a copy to employees and displayed it in workplace.
  • Workplace wellness is embedded in workplace culture (employee induction, human resources and health and safety policies and operational plans).

Step 2. Wellness planning

  • Senior management (owner/director/CEO) are represented on the wellness committee (or work with wellness representatives).
  • If senior management has engaged an external wellness provider, is there a consultation and feedback process between the provider and your committee and employees.
  • Workplace wellness is a regular agenda item at team meetings.
  • Established an annual voluntary nomination process for the workplace wellness committee (or wellness representatives).
  • Allocated work time for committee (or wellness representatives) meetings.
  • Annual budget allocation aligns with the wellness program goals and objectives.

Step 3. Needs assessment

  • Completed a voluntary employee needs assessments such as a survey, team meeting, or focus group to identify their health needs and interests.
  • Completed a lifestyle risk assessment, where employees receive a summary of their general health.
  • Developed risk management strategies to provide employees with resources and access to wellness support services.
  • Completed an annual workplace needs assessment to identify potential changes to the workplace environment.

Step 4. Action plan

  • Annually reviews the action plan with goals, objectives, strategies and activities based on the annual employee needs assessment.
  • Implemented at least 5 Healthy People strategies to encourage healthy lifestyle behaviours.
  • Invited employees’ immediate family members to participate in selected program activities.
  • Implemented at least 5 Healthy Places strategies to change the workplace environment to support healthy lifestyle behaviours.
  • Established a communication plan with a feedback process.
  • Provides ongoing healthy lifestyle educational materials, messages and promotion of workplace wellness activities through a variety of channels to employees and their immediate family.
  • Provides leadership in workplace wellness, such as the promotion of the organisation as an employer of choice to stakeholders.

Step 5. Evaluation

  • Completed a workplace wellness program (internally, or by engaging an external provider). The aim is to:
    • evaluate the wellness program against the objectives, strategies and activities identified in the action plan
    • evaluate program performance against workplace wellness indicators identified in the evaluation plan
    • develop data systems to capture, collect and evaluate annual productivity and wellness data
    • evaluate employee and employee family satisfaction and participation rates in the program
    • distribute workplace wellness annual evaluation report to employees, senior management and stakeholders.
Please note: this initiative was previously known as Workplaces for Wellness. For a short period, many resources will still refer to Workplaces for Wellness.