Renew my recognition

If you are already a recognised Healthier. Happier. Workplace, congratulations! You are investing in your greatest asset: your employees and you deserve credit for your ongoing commitment to workplace health and wellbeing.

Your recognition is valid for 12 months and we encourage you to maintain it by renewing or upgrading to the next level. Once you have successfully renewed or upgraded, your recognition will be valid for another 12 months.

How to renew or upgrade

You will be eligible to renew your recognition once you have held it for 11 months.

To renew your Bronze or Silver recognition, simply select ‘renew’ on the My recognition page. To advance to the next level of recognition, please select ‘upgrade’ on the My recognition page.

  • Renewals

For Bronze or Silver renewals, you will need to complete a short online assessment comprising 5 questions, one for each of the 5-steps to workplace health and wellbeing criteria, plus submitting a success story for Bronze and a case study for Silver. For Gold renewal, the assessment is more comprehensive comprising 8 open-ended questions requiring you to summarise challenges, accomplishments and key innovation areas. You will also be required to provide supporting documents.

  • Upgrades

Silver and Gold upgrades follow the same process for new applications. Check the Silver recognition guide or Gold recognition guide for more information. If you have any questions regarding the recognition process, please contact the Healthier. Happier. Workplaces team.

Share your success story

We are keen to share your wellness program with other workplaces. If you would like to share a success story or learning and feature on our website, please email your story.

Please note: this initiative was previously known as Workplaces for Wellness. For a short period, many resources will still refer to Workplaces for Wellness.