10,000 Steps challenge

10000 Steps

Encourage your employees to be more active by including a 10,000 Steps Workplace Challenge in your wellness program.

10,000 Steps is a fun and free program that uses step-counting pedometers to track daily physical activity and motivate your employees to get moving more regularly.

The innovative 10,000 Steps website has everything you need to run enjoyable ‘virtual journey’ walking challenges with your employees.

How do I run a Workplace Challenge?

It’s easy to take part. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Form teams of employees.
  2. Ask team members to wear pedometers so they can accumulate steps as a team and take part in a ‘virtual walking journey’.
  3. Track team and workplace progress on the interactive 10,000 Steps website, or use the free iPhone app.

Get involved today

To get started, register for free as a provider on the 10,000 Steps website. You will then have access to the 10,000 Steps Workplace Guide and a host of other free resources to help you tailor the ideal 10,000 Steps challenge for your workplace.

Resources include an interactive Step Log for tracking progress, a library of health and physical activity information and the chance to chat with other people on the program through stories and discussion forums.

More resources for improving employee health

Note: The 10,000 Steps website and resources are free but pedometers must be purchased.

10,000 Steps
Please note: this initiative was previously known as Workplaces for Wellness. For a short period, many resources will still refer to Workplaces for Wellness.