2. Communication

It is important that all employees feel involved in the development of a smoke-free workplace policy, and that smokers do not feel victimised. Regular communication between employees and management is the key to success.

Employees are more likely to accept the policy if they are able contribute to the process, are aware of the benefits and are given enough time to get used to the changes.

Useful communication methods include:

  • Emails to all employees
  • Discussions at employee meetings or forums
  • Notices on message boards
  • Informal morning tea or lunch
  • Online surveys, such as Survey Monkey

When you have a draft of your smoke-free workplace policy, provide it to all employees and allow time for feedback. Ensure that any feedback remains confidential.

See: quit smoking support

Please note: this initiative was previously known as Workplaces for Wellness. For a short period, many resources will still refer to Workplaces for Wellness.